Self-paced Mentoring for Youth Mental Health


Join Dr. Raposa for nine self-paced lessons for the Center for Evidence-Based Mentoring’s (CEBM’s) Mentoring for Youth Mental Health course.

Attendees who complete all lessons will receive a certificate from CEBM in Mentoring for Youth Mental Health and exclusive access to resources.

Mentors, mental health providers, and program staff can all benefit from our most popular course!



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It is becoming increasingly common for youth referred to mentoring programs to be struggling with a wide variety of mental health concerns, such as depression, anxiety, posttraumatic stress, aggression, or attention difficulties. This course covers evidence-based techniques that can be infused into mentoring practices to more effectively address these kinds of mental health concerns. Course participants will learn about cutting-edge techniques proven by research to be effective in clinical settings, and will discuss how to implement these strategies in diverse mentoring program settings. Participants will also discuss the ways that youth identity may intersect with mentoring techniques, and consider how to apply techniques in a culturally humble way with youth from diverse, marginalized backgrounds.