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You Have Work Experience!

You Have Work Experience!

You are involved in many activities that give valuable work experience. Examples from home, school, after-school, community involvement, and work help prove to the interviewer that you can do the job. Before your job interview, make a list of activities you are involved in, then list related work experience or skills and qualities you gained to help you on the job. Use these examples in your interview. 

Jack’s Examples

Captain of the Soccer team

  • I showed up on time to daily after-school practices and meetings. 
  • I kept my uniform clean and ready for games. 
  • I  worked with other team members to plan gameplays and prepare for tournaments. 
  • I listened to instructions and feedback from the coach.

Volunteered at Church

  • I showed up on time for Sunday School. 
  • I dressed appropriately for Sunday School. 
  • I worked with the classroom teacher to develop age-appropriate activities for the preschool class.

Now it’s your turn.

Download and complete the work experience activity. Share it with your mentor and ask for feedback. Keep it for your next job interview.