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You belong

You’re a college student – you made it.

This video will reassure you that you are not alone in your worries about college.

Video transcript

Starting college is a lot. If you’re like most incoming students, you probably are feeling a mix of emotions – excited, nervous, eager, curious, and maybe even a little worried. That’s ok, and that’s completely normal.

In our team’s research, we’ve worked with lots of incoming students as they transition to college. Over and over again, we’ve heard that it’s helpful for incoming students to hear from older and experienced students about their college journey. We’ve made this lesson for you to share what other students have gone through.

We also really value what YOU think! At the end of this lesson, we’ll ask you to share your thoughts and feelings about what you’ve learned so far. We want to know more about your perspectives so we can give future students better insight and knowledge about starting college.

Let’s get started.