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Copy of What if someone says NO when you reach out?

How Should Aya Respond

Joaquin is nervous because he is reaching back out to Mr. Reese. He sends him a very polite and professional email about scheduling a meeting, and Mr. Reese says he does not have the time to meet because he is very busy.

Not responding to email. Just take some time to get over the embarrassment

It’s okay for him to feel disappointed or embarrassed. However, he should still respond to the email to maintain a positive relationship with Mr. Reese. Then he can move on to finding someone who is available to work with him!

Say, “Thank you for your time” and think of another instructor to ask.

Great! That’s a good option. Even if Juaqin is bummed, responding politely shows that he is still grateful that Mr. Reese took the time to respond at all. He can now brainstorm new people to reach out to that may be able to work with him.

Ask the instructor for another person who would be appropriate to speak with.

Great! Although it may not have been the response he wanted, he can take this opportunity to thank Mr. Reese for responding and ask if they have any suggestions for other instructors who may be free to work with him. It never hurts to ask, and in the meantime, he can continue researching additional options on his own!