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The transition to college can be challenging

This video will explain what you will learn in this section of the course.

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In this second lesson in SuperReady to Thrive, we’ll tell you a little about the experiences that a lot of students face when they transition to college. After you read about some of the experiences that other students have had, we’ll ask you to think about your thoughts, feelings, and experiences with starting college so far. At the end of this lesson, we’ll ask you to write about these thoughts and feelings. Your experiences may help future students with their own college journey, too.

Starting college may be a little easier if you know what to expect

As you can imagine, the transition to college may be made a little easier if you have an idea of what’s going to happen over the next few years. We hope that this lesson helps you learn what other students have experienced, and what has helped them thrive in college. You may also opt to allow us to share your story with future students to help them as they start college.