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Review your accomplishments

This video will recap what you learned in this course.

Video transcript

You’ve done it – you’ve completed SuperReady to Thrive! In this course, you’ve: 

  • Identified your values and how you can take action in line with them 
  • Learned how you belong at college, and that if you’re struggling, it can get better with time
  • Learned how to think in new ways about stress and anxious thoughts
  • Identified ways you can infuse self-care into your everyday life
  • Set a SMART goal for self-care

Remember that thriving is a process. We all have ups and downs as well as good days and bad days. You may face major challenges or traumas along your path, as well as moments of overwhelming joy. Life is a collection of experiences, and you deserve to thrive throughout yours. Even if you face challenges, remember that you can make choices that allow you to eventually thrive.