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Most students have a positive experience

In this video, you will learn about common worries and concerns that students have when they first start college.

Video transcript

Research shows that most college students have positive experiences in school. They enjoy meeting new students, learning new information, taking cool classes, and pursuing engaging opportunities. College is a fresh start to the next part of your life.

However, students who enjoy college also experience some challenges along the way.

Almost all students say that they worried about fitting in and belonging at college. Here are some common worries that students describe when they transition to college:

  • Whether other students would take them seriously in class
  • If they would be included in study groups or would find partners to work on projects and lessons in class
  • Whether they’d be included in social activities
  • Whether someone is doubting their abilities
  • Whether they would make friends
  • Feeling intimidated by professors

And, over time, students feel like they belong at their school. They said:

  • They were comfortable working with other students
  • They felt comfortable interacting with professors
  • They felt comfortable in an academic setting
  • They made close friends
  • They felt comfortable participating in class
  • They felt confident that students and professors viewed their abilities positively

Despite initial concerns and challenges, over time, students feel confident and comfortable at their school.