Lesson 1, Topic 1
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How to reorganize notes

  1. This section is to help you successfully reorganize notes, take tests efficiently, and learn from mistakes on previous tests.
  2. Tips:
    1. Again, staying organized will help create connections between what you’re learning and memorizing.
      1. Tree diagrams can help create organized links between subjects and pieces of information.
      2. It may seem as though there is no point reviewing or recognizing because of “familiarity” with information, but ignore that and reorganize to further processing and studying.
        1. Reorganizing your notes is studying.
    2. Make connections by following a notes structure.
      1. A hierarchy structure such as a tree diagram. Begin with the main point(s), and use “branches” to make links to other subpoints, and evidence. Make sure that the points and subpoints are specific.
      2. Labeling boxes about why they are connected can also prove helpful.
        1. Examples: evidence, example, cause
  3. Tips for after Reorganizing:
    1. Review the diagram and ask yourself, what’s missing from my notes?
    2. Build your tree diagram from the lecture to fill in missing points, i.e. facts and/or links. Consult with other students about notes.
    3. OPTIONAL: Making notes look good is always an option if that’s what you want, but know that copying down notes doesn’t help with retention or memorization.
    4. Study Groups:
      1. Study groups (3-6 people) are always useful to help strengthen your notes!
        1. It is helpful to compare organizations.
      2. Ask students in your class, even if you don’t know them well. You could also ask the teacher to make an announcement to the class about joining a study group.
      3. Set expectations at the start of meetings.
        1. How often will you meet? For how long? How much should we all prepare?
      4. Dividing work will not be sufficient in understanding material, study groups are to enhance understanding not for reducing how much work is being done. That being said, don’t divide up the work as it will not be helpful in the long run.
  4. Getting Help from the Instructor
    1. Ask focused questions. Let the instructor know (briefly) what you understood and what didn’t quite make sense yet. This shows that you care and are trying. Show you care by being a good role model and student!