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Experience 3

I had a hard time in high school because I had a lot of anxiety. But, I was excited to start college and have a fresh start. Before I started school everyone told me that the school motto was kind of known for the  “study hard, play hard” mentality. Once I got to school, a lot of the girls in my dorm went out all night and I would feel lonely. I didn’t really feel comfortable at the random parties because that wasn’t me. It was hard because I felt like maybe I made the wrong choice. My anxiety was pretty intense during those nights. Anyone else looking at me would have thought I was just like everyone else there, but I felt really isolated. Eventually, I joined a club and met a bunch of people I really liked. Those ended up being some of my best friends. Eventually, I learned that there’s a bunch of different kinds of people who go to my school and there are actually different ways of having fun. 

Alice (she/her), University of Virginia