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Experience 2

I was really excited to go to college. My dad went to Chicago and always told me stories about how much he loved it. I was also excited to rush the frat he was in. Then I got to school and it was a lot different from what I expected. I was one of the best students in my high school class but everyone at Chicago seemed so much smarter than me. Also, my roommate played music nonstop, which made it really hard for me to sleep… On top of that I was rushing a frat, literally had no idea how to prepare for midterms, and was exhausted and stressed out. When I got a D on one of my midterms, I was embarrassed so I didn’t tell anyone. I made an appointment with the TA who helped me figure out how to take notes and take college tests.  And joining a frat helped me make friends and feel more connected. 

Matthew (he/him), University of Chicago