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Barriers to using a calendar

Overcoming barriers to using calendars: 

Some students may not fully recognize the benefits of using a calendar or may not be aware of different calendar tools and techniques available to them. They may not realize the impact that effective time management and organization can have on their academic performance and overall well-being.

But, by going through this course you’re set up for success! 

Transitioning from a more casual or disorganized approach to using a structured calendar system can be challenging for some students. They may be resistant to changing their existing habits or reluctant to invest time in learning how to effectively use a calendar.

If you’re finding yourself wondering if you’ll be able to make the switch to using a calendar and being more organized, think about the reasons why being more organized might be helpful for you! 

College students often have a demanding workload, with multiple courses, assignments, and extracurricular activities. The sheer volume of tasks and responsibilities can make it overwhelming for students to incorporate calendar usage into their routine. They may feel that adding another task, such as maintaining a calendar, adds to their already heavy workload.

This is completely understandable. That’s why it’s important to plan ahead and schedule a time to review your calendar each day. Creating a daily habit or ritual may go a long way to allowing you to succeed!

Some students may struggle with organizational skills, making it difficult for them to effectively utilize a calendar system. They may have difficulty prioritizing tasks, breaking them down into actionable steps, or managing their time efficiently. Some students who struggle with ADHD, depression, or other mental health concerns may also directly interfere with creating a using a calendar. In such cases, using a calendar may require additional effort and learning.

That’s ok if you’re new to being organized or if you’ve struggled in the past! Starting college is a time of transition and is a fresh start. Now’s the time to find a way to keep yourself organized and on-task!

Students may initially start using a calendar with enthusiasm but struggle to maintain consistent usage over time. They may forget to update their calendar regularly, neglect to consult it for planning, or fail to incorporate it into their daily routine. Inconsistency in using a calendar can limit its effectiveness.

This is why it’s key to set alarms or reminders, especially at first. Once you’ve created a habit, you’ll be able to keep it up. 

Students may perceive calendars as rigid and inflexible, believing that once they schedule an activity, they are bound to it. This perception can discourage them from using calendars, particularly if they prefer a more spontaneous or flexible approach to managing their time.

Instead, consider a planner a way of helping you organize your life and your plans. Just because you write it down, doesn’t mean it HAS to happen. A planner helps you visualize how you will use your time and allows you to think through when different tasks will happen. However, you’re allowed to move tasks around and be a spontaneous college student!