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What is Your Career Narrative?

To start let’s define what a career narrative is. Career Narrative can best be described as the process of taking your strengths that really set you apart, and shaping a story and a strategy around them to then be used to establish what your career goals and path could be. In order to successfully begin your career path here are a few recommended steps to takeā€¦

First, on a sheet of paper brainstorm what your passions are. This can range from cars, to science, all the way to fashion. The best part about YOUR career narrative is there’s no limit. Additionally, along with your passions brainstorm your strongest qualities. Examples can range from analytical, creative, or responsible. 

Next, with these lists, you can begin to form an idea of possible jobs that interest you. For example, if a passion of yours is food/cooking and you are a social individual- a serving job at a restaurant could be a great option. On a more professional level, if you like math/numbers and are typically a pretty analytical person looking to hirings of an analyst role could be a good fit for you. These are just two specific examples of how to turn your two lists into a possible career.

All in all, YOU define YOUR career narrative. Another way to think of this is as your professional story. Your career narrative will be the major talking point in interviews for potential jobs.