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Set SMART Goals

Once you are familiar with the STAR method, use those insights to guide the goal-setting process. It can be helpful to understand your student’s motivations and goals for their career readiness journey using SMART goals.

The Smart Goals Are:

Example Conversation:

Mentor: It’s nice to finally connect! I’m excited to work together to help you meet your career goals. Tell me a little bit about the goals you’d like to accomplish.

Student: Thanks for reaching out! I’m excited too. My main goal is to find an internship for the summer that aligns with my major in marketing.

Mentor: That’s a great goal! Let’s try and refine that goal a little more so that we fully capture your hopes. Are there any specific internships you’re looking at?

Student: Yeah, I saw a posting for a marketing intern for ABC company that seemed cool. Maybe I can base a goal around that opportunity?

Additional Guide on SMART Goals Framework:

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