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Finding Your True North: Identifying Your Values (Psych 290)

Lesson 1: Finding your true north

This video will explain what is meant by ‘True North’.

Video Transcript

Starting college is a new adventure. The shift to being relatively independent for the first time comes with a lot of questions and challenges. In the past, your parents and others may have helped you figure out (or told you!) how to balance school work, jobs, and personal life. But now, you can choose to dedicate yourself to your schoolwork, getting the best grades you possibly can, or, to prioritize a job, athletics, or making and spending time with friends. Or maybe you’ll want to find a balance? There’s no right or wrong way to decide how you want to spend your time during these years. 

The real question is, how do I decide how to spend my time in college? 

In this first lesson in SuperReady to Thrive, we’ll tell you how to find your true north – the values that are important to you right now that will help you make decisions in line with what’s most important to living the life you want to live.

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